Avarampoo soap (Pack of 3) with free gift

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Golden glow skin, treat acne, treat open pores, treat skin blemishes, remove dead skin cells, brightens up the texture of your skin, natural moisturizer
Senna auriculata, Azadirachta indica, Cicer arietinum, Pure Coconut oil

Avarampoo Soap is an all-natural, handmade herbal soap made with pure
coconut oil for a deep clean. It is specifically designed to fight acne,
open pores, reduce skin blemishes, and remove dead skin cells to reveal
a brighter complexion.

This soap is enriched with the traditional herbs along with avarampoo, which are known to help keep skin healthy and free
from skin disorders. Not only will it keep your skin clean and
refreshed, but the coconut oil will also act as a natural moisturizer,
giving you a golden glow.

Vimal Avarampoo Soap is a pure and natural handmade herbal soap, perfect for treating acne, reducing the size of open pores, reducing the appearance of skin blemishes, and gently removing dead skin cells. The blend of herbs used in the formula will help keep your skin clear and free from skin disorders.
The soap is enriched with pure coconut oil, which acts as a natural moisturizer, leaving you with a softer and brighter complexion and a golden glow. Pamper your skin with Avarampoo Soap and enjoy its natural benefits.
With regular use, you’ll experience healthier, softer, and more radiant
Get ready to experience the soft, radiant & glowing skin with our power packed herbs in
Vimal Avarampoo Soap!

Avarampoo Skin Care Benefits:

  • Avarampoo has antimicrobial properties so it helps treat all skin infections very well.
  • Avarampoo reduces inflammation so if you are suffering from
    skin inflammation, regular usage of this soap will comforts your skin.
  • Avarampoo has antioxidant properties using
    it externally will help fight off free radicals which are the major
    cause of premature aging of our skin.
  • Avarampoo, helps lighten
    scars and blemishes very well.
  • Avarampoo also helps remove sun tan and has a protective effect on our skin.
  • It is very gentle on the skin and can be used by people of all skin
  • Traditionally we always include avarampoo for babies

Vimal avarampoo soap is safe for all types of skin and Kids.

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Avarampoo soap (Pack of 3) with free gift

315451 (-30%)

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