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no itching ,white discharge,irritation,irregular periods,pcod problems
neem, alovera, thribala, pure non-bleeched coton, corn sheet as leakproof

This herbal sanitary napkin is designed to keep you feeling comfortable
and healthy during your period. Crafted from pure unbleached cotton,
these pads are enriched with aloe vera gel, neem, vetiver, and triphala
to provide you with maximum protection from stomach pain, irregular
periods, itching, white discharge, uterus infection, and heavy bleeding.
The absorbent herbals and soft cotton will keep you feeling secure and
relaxed during your period.


The Herbal Sanitary Napkin is a revolutionary new product specifically
designed to provide superior protection and comfort for women during
their menstrual cycle. Combining the power of pure cotton and a unique
blend of herbs such as Aloe Vera Gel, Neem, Vetiver and Triphala, this
napkin is designed to help prevent stomach pain, irregular periods,
itching, white discharge, uterus infection and heavy bleeding. The
unbleached cotton used in the pad helps to keep you healthy and the
absorbent herbs will help to provide effective absorption and

Experience a new level of comfort and protection during your
menstrual cycle with the Herbal Sanitary Napkin.

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Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 cm


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herbal sanitary napkin

110160 110 (-31%)

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