Punarnava leaves mix

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Punarnava leaves, Pepper, Cumin, & Pink salt
Rich sources of Calcium, Iron & Protein
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  1. Detoxification Support
  2. Digestive Aid
  3. Flavorful Nutrition

178205 (-13%)


Discover the incredible nutritional benefits of our green leaves mix made with punarnava leaves, pepper, cumin, and pink salt. This versatile blend can be added to rice, rasam, sambar, and curries, enriching your meals with a burst of flavor and health.

How to use it: One spoon serves 4-5 people. Add to your curries,
Dosa/Idly batter, Roti/Poori Flour. Soup, Rasam & Hot Rice along
with Ghee/Coconut oil.

  • Punarnava leaves provide detoxification and diuretic properties
  • Pepper adds a spicy kick while supporting digestion
  • Cumin aids in digestion and boosts immunity
  • Pink salt offers essential minerals.

Elevate your culinary experience with this nutrient-packed green leaves mix.


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Punarnava leaves mix

178205 (-13%)

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