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Fixed Fees

Fees on Sales Price

A small fee is charged on each sale based upon the sales price

Sales Fees

Fees based on Product Categoey

Starts at 4% and varies based on product category

Shipping Price

Fees for Shipping/Delivery

Starts at Rs.29/- per shipment, varies by item distance & volume

Other Fees

Transactional fees

Payment gateway or cash collection fee for every sales

Fixed Fees

Items Price Range





Fixed Fees





Sales Fees

Product Categories & Sub Categories

Baby Care: Diaper, Herbals, Shampoo, Soaps, Virgin Oil,  Wooden & Clay Toys

Farm Fresh: Cooking Oil, Dals, Desi Ghee, Honey, Jaggery, Millets, Nuts, Palm Jaggery, Rice, Spices

Fashion: Cotton Garments, Jute, Cotton Bags, Jute Garments, Terracotta Jewels

Food & Snacks: Beverages, Eco-Friendly, Disposable Plates, Home-Made Masalas, Snacks

Health Care: Hand Wash, Health mix,  Pain Balm & Oils, Probiotics,, Sanitary Napkin

Herbs: Dried Herbals & Powder

Home Care: All Purpose Wash, Home Cleaner, Laundry Wash, Pooja Products, Toilet Cleaner

Home Decors: Coir, Cotton, Jute, Wooden, Vetiver

Home Gardening: Desi Seeds, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Pest

Kitchen Care: Dish Wash, Earthen Utensils, Garbage Bags, Scrub Pads, Wooden Sticks

Personal Care: Fragrance/Scents, Hair Oils, Shampoo, Skin Care, Soaps, Tooth Paste, Tooth Powder, Tooth Brush


Fee Percentage

6% ,Toys-9%


11%, Terracotta Jewels – 12.5%


9%,  Health mix & Probiotics – 8%






9.5%, Fragrance – 12.5%


Shipping Price

We take care of it right at your door step

Our portal works with one of India’s most trusted shipping companies. You can check your serviceable pin codes or calculate the cost of your products right on the page.


  • Forward Charges shipping rates are applicable 
  • Mentioned rates are exclusive of TAX


  • ZONE A: Within City
  • ZONE B: Within State/region
  • ZONE C: Metro to Metro
  • Zone D: Rest of India ( this excludes any pincode of J&K and North East regions)
  • Zone E: If one or both cities are in J&k or in North East regions

*for both pickup & delivery

Other Fees

Payment gateway fees or cash collection charges for every sale. 

(Transactional fee of approximately 2% will be charged for every sale)

Less Fees

Unified Platform

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Easy Shipping

Sample Calculation

Laundry Detergent

How to calculate fees for this product:

Step 1: Commission fee = 4.5% * 210 = ₹ 9.45

Step 2: Fixed Fee = ₹ 6

Step 3: Transactional Fee: Rs.4.2

Shipping Fee & Other Fees = ₹45

Fee w/o Tax = 9.45+6+4.2+45 = ₹ 64.65

Product Info

Unit Weight: 300gm

Listing Price: Rs.210/-

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