A2 ghee chandrakala

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Wheat Flour, A2 Ghee & Butter, Khandsari Sugar
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Chandrakala sweet is a delicious Indian sweet made with  Kova, A2ghee, Khandsari Sugar and stuffed with the richness of finest quality dry fruit and khoya mix. Chandrakala sweet tastes awesome and you will feel like tasting it again and again.
Order yours today and enjoy the divine taste of A2 ghee in every bite.

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165195 (-15%)


Looking for a delicious and healthy treat? Try A2 ghee sweets! A2 ghee sweets are made with only the finest ingredients. We use A2 ghee/milk, khandsari sugar, and advanced packaging to ensure that our sweets are of the highest quality. Our sweets are also free of any added preservatives, so you can be sure that you are getting a pure and natural product.

To keep your taste buds alive without harming your health, authentic products come with a divine taste.

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A2 ghee chandrakala

165195 (-15%)

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