Baby mosquito spray

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Bio-tech Water Based Herbal Mosquito spray
Non-toxic, Non-allergic, Sound Sleep
100 ml
Certified by NABL

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Our Water-Based Bio-Tech Mosquito Spray is specially formulated for
babies and is certified by NABL, India; ensuring superior quality and safety.
Keep your baby free from rashes, dengue, and malaria with this natural,
non-toxic spray.

Our formula is designed to be gentle and safe for babies, while also providing
long-lasting protection against pesky mosquitoes. Give your baby and
your family the gift of health and safety with our Bio-Tech Mosquito

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130180 (-28%)


Say, goodbye to conventional mosquito coils and liquid sprays and give your baby a sound sleep without any worries.

This Mosquito Spray is designed to protect babies from mosquito-borne
illnesses like dengue and malaria, as well as rashes. It is a
water-based bio-tech spray that has been certified by NABL, India; ensuring the
highest quality standards.

This spray is specially formulated for
babies and will provide them with a sound sleep free from mosquito
bites. Unlike conventional mosquito coils and liquid, this spray is safe
for babies and your entire family.

Give your baby the best protection today with this Mosquito Spray.


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Baby mosquito spray

130180 (-28%)

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