Dish Wash Gel

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Lemon, Soap nut, Turmeric Powder, Orange Oil, Tamarind, & Salt
Effective Degreasing and Cutting through Tough Stains, Leaving Dishes Clean and Spotless
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Our eco-friendly dish wash gel harnesses cleaning efficiency, promoting health and sustainability. Natural antimicrobial properties, ensuring hygienic cleaning and eliminating bacteria from dishes.

These benefits emphasize the cleaning efficiency of the natural dish wash gel while promoting a healthier and eco-friendly approach to dishwashing.

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Introducing our Eco-friendly Natural Dish Wash Gel formulated with the power of Lemon, Soap nut, Turmeric Powder, Orange Oil, Tamarind, and Salt.

  • Lemon acts as a natural de-greaser, effectively removing tough stains and grease from dishes.
  • Soap nut contains saponins that create a rich lather and help break down food residue, leaving dishes clean and sparkling.
  • Turmeric Powder has antimicrobial properties that help sanitize dishes and eliminate bacteria.
  • Orange Oil adds a refreshing citrus scent while effectively cutting through grease and grime.
  • Tamarind acts as a natural cleaner, removing stains and leaving dishes spotless.
  • Salt acts as an abrasive agent, aiding in scrubbing away tough food particles.

By using our Eco-friendly dish wash gel, you not only achieve optimal cleaning efficiency but also contribute to a healthier environment by reducing chemical exposure and promoting sustainability.


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