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Baby safe, natural fabric conditioner, safe for skin, safe for environment, allergen free
Bio enzymes, water, Natural fragrance

Our fabric wash, made with bio enzymes and free from toxic chemicals, is the perfect choice for keeping your clothes fresh and clean. Our formula is designed to remove all types of stains, providing a thorough clean and refreshing your garments with a pleasant scent.

The natural enzymes in our fabric wash are gentle and safe on all fabrics, even the most delicate, yet highly effective at removing dirt and stains, without the need for harsh and abrasive chemicals. With our fabric wash, you can enjoy clean and fresh garments that will last throughout the day.

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This fabric wash has been formulated with bio enzymes, free from any toxic chemicals to keep your clothes fresh and clean all day long. It is designed to effectively remove all types of stains, while being kind to the environment and your skin. It has been developed to be a gentle yet powerful detergent that gives you the best results when it comes to cleaning your garments.

It is suitable for use on both white and colored fabrics, and will leave your clothes looking and feeling clean and fresh. With regular use, it will help to protect your fabrics from fading, discoloration and wear and tear. It is free from harsh chemicals and has been tested to be safe for both people and the environment.

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